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...is built upon elementary precepts; God, country, and family - to follow, serve, and protect. The following quotes encompass this community's beliefs...

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Fair Warning

Fair Warning

simpli, Liberty welcomes all and supports your freedom to speak! Simpli Liberty is not responsible for shared content you may find offensive. Full disclosure: The ideological positions of contributing members vary greatly and some - for example - may affirm the following...

Fair Warning

Freedom of Religion

Simpli, Liberty is founded on the Word of YHVH. With that said, we invite people from all religions - even atheism - for passionate and respectful discussion on any topic. Heads up, though... some may try to convert you :)

Martin Luther King, Jr.

The one quote every American should know by heart, “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” In the end, it’s the individual’s character that’ll earn the handshake of trust and confidence, not their skin color.

God Given Unalienable Right

The 2nd Amendment serves as a compelling reminder to the government that the peoples right to keep and bear arms is inviolable and unalienable: A right that cannot be taken away from nor given away by its possessor(s).

Freedom of Speech

We do not ban those we disagree with. We welcome open respectful discourse on topics ranging from abortion to your heliocentric beliefs; we do frown on disrespectful bashing. You want to bash? Do so respectfully in an adult manner rationally-moderated by facts, common sense, and logic, and not the riled emotions of a two-year-old.

Family Structure

God's Word clearly states the structure of marriage, the hierarchy of the family and is the final authority in all things. We stand fast in God's Words that a marriage is made up of one man and one woman; that the home is headed by the husband and his wife – a helpmate; and, children should honor and obey their parents in the Lord.


Yes, YHVH considers children within the womb as a life. The slaying of an unborn baby is paramount to murder, making the mother’s womb a grave (Jer 20:17, Matt 19:18). In the aforesaid verses, why would the mother’s womb be referred to as a grave if the unborn child is not considered living, formed in the womb (Psa 139:13)?

Right to Peacefully Assemble

With the coronavirus hoax, our right to peaceably assemble has been greatly incumbered. Church goers and beach walkers were arrested and/or fined and businesses closed down because Americans bought into the fear, willing to accept the near-total destruction of their civil liberties for the hollow promises of security.

Global Warming

Nothing like another politically power-driven hoax to further divide and control the masses. Darned those Geophysicists, they better get those underwater volcanoes under control… we have enough cows producing methane as it is. With that said, as YHVH appointed custodians, we should take care of our home.

Common Core

The Common Core, so called "educational" schooling program, has been ineffective the moment it began. It was a political move for more cash under the appearance of aiding minors academic development. Since its execution, it has eliminated guardians from their children's' learning process, failed to address the individuality of students, and neglected those with special needs, among other things.

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